Saturday, September 23, 2006

Looks like the whole cyber world has gone here,
so I have too...

Come join us.

Could this be the end of SYDNEY AUSTRALIA BLOG??

Or perhaps just a new beginning...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jaded? Look at this...

I know this is becoming a recurring theme round here, but it has been for ever?!!

Some how toppled upon this in my web research....

It's sooooo sweeeeet...

Oh and the picture I googled for, because I couldn't find any real soul mates to photograph readily on hand...

On the other hand, it would of been easy to paste a tonn of shots of infatuated, lust struck horn bags... heehee...

Still looking...

Religiously divine init?

I was wondering if you thought the wings clashed with the skin tone at all?


A soulmate is a mate of the soul - a partner, if you may. A spiritual love, a love undaunted by the properties bound by this world. A soulmate evolves as the soul does, of its own volition, in concert with the growth of the relationship. When you have a relationship with an actual soulmate (many, after the long absence of a mate, confuse the definition of soulmate), there are no domineering factors, for domination rules, whereas love shares. So, there is no ruling partner in the relationship; there is no need for one. Each partner has their strengths and weaknesses, so one mate compliments another.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sex is Nike, smoking, blow jobs and Britney Spears loves yahoo and Coca Cola’s religious yoga beliefs.

Hotmail jokes on ebay maps, playing games downloaded from napster song lyrics dictionary or search engine clip art music.

Wallpaper chat greeting cards travel to movies, poetry, flowers and screensavers build from marijuana prom dresses.

Holocaust cracks the huns yellow pages, free zip codes in kelly blue book playstation cheats as Andrea Thomson tattoos horoscopes fonts abortion free internet eminem hotels during the hacking animals brook burke the sims civil war cartoon art.

If your wondering whats happened here then wonder no more.

I’m just trying to maximise search engine hits.

I wonder how well these highly searched terms will work?