Friday, December 02, 2005

NACKERED, but hey Whatever!!!

Outside all is black.

The thunder cracks loudly and the bright white light flashes soon after, to my hearts applause.

European backpackers, with whom I rub shoulder to shoulder with on a daily basis, complain that back in the mother country, the prescribed media vision of Australia, as sun drenched bronzed land all year round was, just that, a media vision.

Actually, nobody ever said that exactly,
they just complained, that they wern't getting what they expected.

And I just said, like all the locals think,

"enjoy it while it lasts, cos soon it will be gone and you'll be wishing it was
there again."
"Where's the sun gone?" says the scummy cockney lass who
thinks she's all that,
as she connives how to score your last $20 bucks from
ya wallet.
"I'm selling green energy, for amnesty international! Can I sign
you up?"

All around me are gutless, squirming, selfish, sexually frustrated imbeciles and Kate Blanchet’s success is to blame.

All I can see is the importance of real deep and meaningful friendships and that one special life partner, who's not as fcuked up as much as all the rest and she's got that special beauty busting out of her......ummm, bust.

Yes, I must be a mere mortal too.

I just got back home from…

Went to a crap, totally over rated art opening.

Possibly only rated by the artist themself and those who believe the shit the artist believes about themselves....

Some dude/dudette, (protecting the powertripping angry faint heated), whose lived in the hood for years, like so many of us, and likes to display their wonderfully active but very very shallow social life, painted some shite on canvas that left me wondering...

"why'd ya bother?!"

But then I can tell why they bothered. More concerned with impressing people, with the super ego and not trying to do anything artistic.

'Spose it all comes down to interpretation, but a solid backbone in art, in Sydney life, is sorely often missing these days.

But there is sooooooooooooooooo many artists!!

"What happened?!!

Comes down to understanding.

Has thrown some, what looks like good parties, this artist. A bit pretentious, a bit shallow, but hey, it might sell some art.

I would of hoped they had some real and supportive friends, but alas, all no shows...

The work was sooooo overpriced, but that’s ok, a bit of cocky arrogance can sometime help. It’s just that it’s just not good work.

God, I could be taking 'bout anyones work hey?

All this is soooo common...

Do we care, is it really all subjective, hear say opinion or public renoun, that matters, it definately helps, hey? Could the ten years or whatever it could take, someone put into understanding art, creating art, reading the right books, thinking deeply 'bout what art is, what it could be etc... mean they become a more significant artist? I reckon it helps, but how can we understand this...

Does it matter?

Hey we can always say,


So popular these days that word!

When are we saying it to something that actually matters or when are we saying it to something that deserves a whatever!!

"Whatever!" I hear some of you say now!

Well, "whatever back right at ya!"

Right now is a good moment for a, "whatever!"

While we're all in the mood for a "whatever" meaningless squabble regarding the price of,


And "whatever" 'bout those riots down on Cronnulla beach, and "whatever" 'bout IR policy, and "whatever" about those silly poor people, especially the ones who live on the other side of Norton Street and those original inhabitants of this country, and "whatever" as long as my ego is fed with "whatever" is feeding it today....

W h a t e v e r, right.

Quick!! Run out and buy a copy of Robert Hughe's, almost anything published, to get a good hold on the state of art in beautiful good old aussie.

Or don't care, don't worry and jsut say, or don't say, "WHATEVER!!"

This guy, Hughes, cuts the crap, but I don't think he should of been drink driving that night, up the way in W.A. but what's that got to do with what he writes???

Read his, I think it's titled, "The Cultural Cringe..."

Everybodies heard of it, but too many nobodies arn't thinking about it, so art struggles on for meaning!!

I had always believed art is,

"Something that elevates and revelates,"

but the question is still left to ask, elevates and revelates, what?

And why and how and for what purpose, and who and when....

And in answering some of these questions we get closer to seeing work, that then, is actually valuable.

If you don't get any of this driviless drivel then go back and read it again!

With ya thinking cap on this time.

And people don't realy see much depth in art these days, but only because it is often not there.

Is a pretty picture, which are great, a craft if it has no meaning? Rather then art?


The good galleries can see it. They display significant work, where they can get it. And other galleries do well, other things...

Many people understand all this shite, I'm feeling the need to dribble.

But sadly, some people don't.

If it makes you disturbed, a bit angry, confused, then HEY, STOP RIGHT THERE AND ASK YOUR SELF,


Well, there in lies the real blame for your feelings, your misunderstood understandings...

And go no further!!

Sure really, nobody give a flying toss, right!

"Think I might go get myself a New!"

Just a thought.

Maybe poignant, maybe empty...

God why do I bother? You guys don't bother commenting?!

Just can't be bothered, or not so sure...

Hey, "Whatever!"

'Bout art again...

The people couldn't give a shite, they just don't buy it...

Or hey, sometimes they do.

They came to chat, and drink for free and to catch up with old friends, to be seen, just like me, blatering on, blatherful crap about blather blather, just to fill in time and so they could say they had a "Marvellous evening!!"

Or whatever... You know.

Thankfully, every once and a while you can actually hook up at a good art opening, something with some real substance. And we can always hope for more of that, hey...

For a second, I feel that their puny non existence actually means something.

That my puny non existence actually means something.

The thunder has stopped.
A plane creeks overhead.
Or rather a dull and monsterous roar.
Some other dickhead is stoked that he, or her for that matter, is out of this god forsaken city and looking to other horizons.

Wondering "what the fcuk," was that? When it was, a fashion brand euphemism - for lets get our rocks off real good baby! and the word "fuck" makes us feel so fuken good...

For a change we feel alive!

And in this semi-drunken and knackered state, I currently inhabit, I remember Charles Bukowski bouncing from side walk to side walk, from vodka to vodka in search of something to make him not give a toss, about the fact that nobody gives a toss and then just pats themselves on their darn shoulder saying,

"Oh, look how tough am I!"

Like some school kid in year 9, who just shat his pants.

They scream, "The POWER!! The POWER The POWER!"

"Gimmee da power tripper!!"

But really they are just peed of 'cos they don't have no real power and are looking for some meaning....

Where can I buy some??

Oh god darn it,

and we bother with the liars, and the wanna be high flyers, till the parties roll on and we forget how many we've been to in a single night. And ya best party mate, justs wants to go to the next one, cos he can’t seem to make this one good, and the pretty girl who he'd pay to shag if she offered, just says the stooopidist things, he made the offer, that will mean neither of us will get her, but that’s ok, cos he can always light another joint and smoke another pipe of ice, and crack, and meth and blat some looser into his eye socket in the hope that something, anything, might help him feel just one more feeling that he hasn't felt before and that girlfriend of mine so so so long ago who never ever communicated, and that was the good time because when she did, it was a high class, passive aggression full of pent up emotion she never understood and still doesn't understand, but hey, all right man, it's so cool, to know just how silly it all is and we all just want to get out of here alive, but none of us ever ever ever ever will!!

It's natural to get the downs sometimes, especially when you spend most your time having the ups, in your, delusional chasing something that matters, like I'm chasing, a dream, my dreams that I can make something matter and who can ever tell, what it all ads up to, and who gives a shite anyway, anyway?!

The cute gall I met during the week, who is now so sorry for being so like the Spanish Inquisition, rather then buttering me up is ringing me on the phone and yes she is cute but I'm older now and sex will not make me think they are the ants pants, when probably they really have ants in their pants and just make me want to scratch when no one else is scratching me...

But I still just give love…

As far as they can take and deserve it.

There are weird human howls outside,

and I think of the hookers who have to work these shitty streets for a hit of shit that they don't even want anyway, as the cops stalk them legally! Beady blood shot eyes peering from out of their vehicles, guns strapped to their utility belts and eat ya heart out batman…

And slowly I think of who would think what, of this stuff that I'm writing, but I know they can mostly never know...

And ignorance is BLISS, but ignorance is IGNORANCE and of course we ALL know everything all of the time and have it ALL GOING ON ALL OF THE TIME, cos we're the BEST at everything and anything cos we live in a town call KIDNEY or Alice or Timbuckbloodytoo doggies do do do...

And soooo do you, and I like environmentally friendly toilet paper, what sort do you use?

Bleached I bet.

I'm hoping that it rots up your hole and causing you bowel cancer and all your innards will have to be surgically removed and you'll have to spend the rest of your day shiteing into a paper bags being held by your resentful spouse and youth is wasted on the young, who don't spend it wasted!

But if ya still using it over the age of 25 five your a loooser baby with a capital "L" and that sounds like a real pain in the butt if I ever heard of one, or is it just mind fcuking DKNY GUCCI GUCCI GOO having fun?

I'm gonna blow now.

Have a website to design.

While my own sits and can't get finished cos I ain't got the time,

but perhaps this silly season,

if I avoid all the........ fun........ ? ....and whatever...

... and oh yeah,

have a nice day!

Or.... you guessed it.... whatever.

"No pain, no gain."


God, this word is sooooooo easy to use.....

But hey, smell the cheese and "Whatever, the day brings to you!!"


Have a nice, whatever!


I'm going now.

Hang up.

No you hang up.

No, I really want to go now...... you.... (clunk)

(beep beep beep beep)


Thursday, December 01, 2005



Geothe in BOLD.
"First they mock and become defensive,
turning it into a joke,
then they attack and become angry,
then they go into a state of paralytic denial,
blocking it out,
not having any feelings,
then finally after all this,
our beautifully atrophied grey matter kicks in
and we then accept and understand!!"
Paraphrased from Sigmund Freud.
Just though you might like to have a think 'bout it!??
I reckon this process takes some people bloody years to go through though...
Are YOU one of them?

Have a nice day!

...And keep the peace with your soul....

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


There is a reason for those who know how to use computers well are thought to be super geeks!
This shite takes years of stress to nut out. Just when you think you’ve worked it all out, you come
up against something else that gives you a day of pure unadulterated frustration. Frustration
becomes your friend in the world of I.T. Graphic designers, Web Designers, Photo Shop artists
etc. deserve every single cent they make. They work through pain levels uncommon in any
other profession. I have spent weeks fixing a printer problem, months learning action script,
years learning the inner workings of XP and the list simply goes on and on and on…


They bring out a new version of the software so you have to learn it all over again.


Anyway, such is life…

Just don’t ask me to fix your computer problem.

Being a super geek means you get to create art work after you gotten past all the I.T. issues
that arise. And once you’ve managed that you are only a tenth of the way there, perhaps
better to go out and sell your knowledge as a systems analyst at this point…

System Recovery error 456. E21 4000678

Please shut down your machine before you lose everything.

p.s. On the plus side, super geeks are also some of the smartest people I know!!

p.p.s. You have to be…