Saturday, July 22, 2006

On Dreaming and Delusion...

Ok. So ones attitude to things has a lot to do with a lot of things… Anything you want really. Our attitudes to things completely create how we live in the world and how we receive what we do and what happens to us. But it’s got to be real. There in lays an interesting conundrum.

Understanding who we are is largely dependent on finding what makes us special. What are we best at and what are we missing. Our attitudes to what befalls us in our lives can be utterly controlled by us for our own benefit, allowing us to grow forward into who we want to be. When we understand where our particular talents lie, then examine our attitudes towards all the beautiful and wonderful shite around us, in regards to these things, we can do as we want without too much grief or time management problems…

I’m sure many of you have understood that for years now…

Mr Shindler’s List, Thomas Keneally said on some TV program recently something like, “That writing is very much a delusional state of mind. That writer’s can get carried away in all sorts of zany, hallucinogenic places.” I think it’s definitely the same for actors. Actors can get carried away in all sorts of weird shite. Least of all work shortage and a roller coaster type of life. The bigger they are the harder they fall, someone said. After all, if your prime occupation is to fantasise states of being, dreaming up or embodying someone else, then where have you got to go but out and away in beautiful La La land…. And I don’t mean Los Angeles, unless of course your lucky and take your bets that way.

So when we eventually work out our own shite, we work out how to stay in the land of the real for longer periods of time and can make appropriate decisions from there… We’re much more effective that way…

I love dreamers. They way they float away someplace else and become hard to contact. We’re their own beliefs come to out weigh everyone else’s’, at least in their own mind. It’s scary stuff for most people.

Going out with dreamers can be hard. Depending on how dreamy they are and how often and where they are at in their current dream cycle. Trust is important in personal relationships. Trusting some dreamers can be very difficult.

My last long term, with a beautiful dreamer left me seeing her walking drunkin across Oxford Street, a couple of days before her birthday, staring at the sky, stars in her eyes, oblivious to my needs, yet direly keen to see me… I knew shed been off playing and partying with someone else. It was so obvious. She had flowers, but wouldn’t tell me where she’d got them from. She really was never the sort to settle for long, preferring to flitter around, spreading herself thinly to those who grabbed her fancy this evening or that….


A friend had just told me about an increasingly more prevalent kind of women in Australian urban society, the Okkaette. Women who’s prime fun in life is to drink till blind drunk then screw whoever grabs their fancy when pissed. They are really common these days in inner city Sydney. Sounds like a treat until you decide to settle down with one.

Oppps… Mate, I tell ya don’t even bother. Don’t worry ‘bout what ever you think her particular charms may be. The Okkaette and her mates are a no win situation. They are far too drunk and keen not to give a darn bout what ever plans you might harbour for a decent working relationship. They claim it’s a reaction to feminism.

It's never been that hard for most women to get lucky, if you know what I mean? So a women is pretty lame if they want to get lucky all over town, I figure. I mean there is little challenge in it, so why bother? In our culture women get to dress up all pretty like and act attractive to the opposite sex. Flirting is fairly acceptable in most places. It makes fidelity difficult, attracting all that attention. But how admirable, women who can negotiate this stuff. Or at least talk about what's going on for them. If they can't, you know their hiding something.

If they ask you questions like, “But why do you think I sleep around?” Or “Why do you think I lie?” They are simply trying to correct their behaviour so as to con their numerous men more! Their really not that bright.

I know I can here it now calls of "misogynist!!" going out from all the women reading this... Hey, read it again and think about some of the girls you know. I only write this in the belief that people, underneath it all, want long term and substantial lovers anyway. We all want to be loved and just trying to clear some of the crap stopping this…

If women believe they can duplicate some Aussie male stereotype that has hardly existed for decades, was perpetuated by women’s fear in the first place and concerns some of the less desirable male members and human traits in our culture anyway. From my experience, their numbers are very small and they are usually unrefined and uneducated in countenance, being fairly closed minded and judgemental, which is great if that’s your cuppa tea. But it gets scary when the number of professional, so called socially aware, women behaving this way today begin to far out weigh the men doing it…

Just add booze, or e or ice or coke... You get, instant easy slut factor!!

…And all while they have lovers, they propose to care about, on the side.

Nothing good can come of this.

Let me know if you think I'm wrong!!

Admittedly, it is a difficult thing to gauge.

But you can see it when you come across it, the Okkaette.

The woman, Aussie Jobbo easy to pick up and at a bar near you!!

... Probably, some other blokes lover, who he put in a whole lot of time for, would of ran around the world for and was trying to build a future outta love and some good old fashion hard learnt sense...

If ya can't beat em, perhaps we should join em?!!

I'm off to buy a bag, to land me a bag!!?


Friday, July 21, 2006

Just rantin'

And the writer sits alone in his room, writing.

Writing after a week that started with pictures of pre-pubescent Israeli girls writing surely poetic messages of hate in thick texta to their Lebanese sisters on missiles, which will soon be launched upon the neighbouring country.

Just like putting a message in a bottle and little personally meaningful trinket, then throwing to out to sea, in the hope that one day somebody will find it and give you a ring, to let you know!!

Surely a beautiful and regrettable, unforgettable image.

Ohhhh, to those ever growing bags of regrettable unforgettable things…

Writing at the end of the week,
after a succession of job interviews in the financial sector.

Well why the hell not?

One of which required a creative copywriter, who in reality, didn’t need to be all that creative, but more so then their current one, who really couldn’t really write.

I had arced up the big creativity sell of my skills, because the headhunting recruitment agent seemed so adamant that this is what they needed. By his experience in trying to fill the role he seemed to think that most writers are not that creative, so he felt he had to empathise the creative side of the job requirement to me, much to my dismay upon the final interview.

Mmmmm… definitions of creative…

My private thoughts… Those who interviewed me, weren’t very exciting people. Yet, at least they were interesting and seemed to know some clever things about marketing. I do though like open minded, fearless, passionate and self contained, thoughtful people. The current copywriter in the job in question, definitely wasn’t that…. Oh the North Shore…

I summon the gods…. Bring on a full time big agency position.

The more business we do the better we get at it. Our instincts grow acute. We learn who we are dealing with quicker and tailor ourselves accordingly. Our beautiful society is quickly becoming more conservative on the work front and more amoral on the social front. Perhaps it’s just me joining them all…

Oh yes, that’s it.

Writing at the end of a week where mid-week, I became more closely acquainted, but not like that, with a coke addict who tried very hard to bed me on Monday night. It’s so easy to see how people get a taste for that stuff. Talk ‘bout yummy! Just, where for art thou, realism? But for all the up sides, it does seem to help ruin peoples lives and the stuff ain’t cheep…

Oh drugs…

The stories I am hearing about “ice” are shocking. I got one coming out in “User’s News”. It’s a local drugs magazine. People’s friends are dropping off like flies, well off the social psychological radar. They become psychotic to the point of non-communication and we cannot bring them back from here, without having to deal with great amounts of grief. I tried to save one and found it to be a complete waste of time. More Oh's, what do we do.

Writing at the end of a week where I can see why I’m givin’ in to allowing myself not to feel, just like all the others, yet I will keep feeling, but I can choose somehow, how… It seems after a certain number of disappointments and the like it saves a whole lot of time.

So, I join the power hungry chain of socially acceptable human relics.

So we care when we want to, but are free not to, at a whim.

Oh how tough am I.

Pretty tough, I ‘spose.

Oh, for the love of humanity, let them not steal my integrity now!!

I’ve already changed my values and belief system up to a point. All this on the quest to discover what’s out there and how it’s running. So one day I can go back and make some purpose of it all. The class difference, the differing points of view, sub-cultures, personal strengths and weaknesses, special interests and so on…

The funny ways that people be funny, in an ever increasing world of standardised human beings…

Got no time for weirdos now, just got no time….