Friday, August 11, 2006

To be continued, in a suburb near you...

A little while ago, in a suburb not far from where you live, there was this guy who had a big trusting heart, and an equally big ego to suit. The existence of his healthy ego wasn’t without some legitimate reasons, afterall ego is not always a bad thing, and the guy had some definite rare and definable assets, that couldn’t be ignored and those helped the ego thrive. Such is what egos tend to do in towns all over the world. Unfortunately though, egos rage heavier when the heart, head and ego, don’t really understand each other. This guy came to realise over time, the ego is often one way people try to bandage up what they don’t really understand, to make things feel better, to feel happier and that sometimes this can be damaging to ones self, and that this is most common amongst many people.

His big heart helped him to legitimately care and feel deeply and encouraged him to help out on all sort of things, for all sorts of people, in his world without thinking about his own needs. Where as his big ego, gave him the courage to take bold unselfish dives into places he probably sometimes shouldn’t be meddling. As this guy wasn’t afraid to do it his own way, despite how everybody else viewed things and no doubt, he was always definitely, having fun.

He wasn’t one to shy away from drama, he was a trained and quite gifted actor after all, he quite rightly loved acting, yet hadn’t always gotten out of it what he had put into it and drama in life doesn’t necessarily assist drama occurring on stage.

Drama being what drama is, every once in a while he would fall in love and this would make him a fool. A real big fool, to be precise. Yes, he would become a fool for love and he definitely wasn’t the first to do this and he will unfortunately not be the last. But he fell for all the wrong girls and stayed with them for all the wrong reasons, denied their lies, lies, lies and actions, and got caught up in their lives. He helped them to achieve their dreams and placed aside his own, but still, he was definitely having fun, but he was ignoring his own needs. He learnt, in all good things in life there is a fine art of balance required, and without this balance things would not continue to coexist eternally.

Then came a point in his life, where the heat got too hot to handle, the girls kept turning up not worth the sharing of his big heart and his ego became understood by his mind and under his control, rather then being controlled by it. He had to accept he had made some mistakes that he never wanted to make again and wasn’t going to, he had to do like almost everybody else did and look after number one and in that way he could even look after others better! He had to make use of what he had best to offer the world.

He had come to remember, something he had forgot about, how interesting other peoples ways were and even more importantly, that many people can really only do others harm. Somewhere, some people had forgotten how to love and their egos had become a toxic disease to all the people around them. These people, he realised are best ignored by everybody. Let them suffer on their own. Time is too short to spend it fixing other’s confusion, when we have our own to sort out and especially when some people only understand cruelness as kindness, such are some people cut out. You can only give if they are ready to receive it.

He learnt how, life is such a complex place and there are many many ways of doing and looking at things that it can take much time to learn how to truly be ourselves and adapt to the multitude of situations we can face, with a healthy awareness and skill.

He realised, there are usually reasons for most everything; and things may be understood and taken from many different angles and understandings; yet some angles are truer then others and better still, others are more helpful. He came to realise how to think on his feet and control his own growth and direction and be happy being his own man by all by himself. Other people would have to take a second spot to what he had to offer. And the story of his life continued…

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Daily Truth

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