Monday, May 29, 2006

Sex, drugs & R&R.

Been writing songs lately and jammin'.
Wanna get a punk pop band up and going.

I just love it, can't help it, always have loved it.

Been playin' for years. Haven't had a band in years though.

I've been reading ths book that all about floating yourself
on the market of human competition.

I know, sick hey?

The rules...

Know yourself.
Know ya value.
Make the most of ya best values.
(ie. do what ya best at)
Know ya market.
Go to market and get your valued price.

Yep, what a head trip.

Makes some sense though.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Taking it easy in town...

There's nothing as good as a chuff and a strum of the old guitar late at sunset, on the top end of Centennial Park over looking the suburbs leading up to Botany Bay.

I'll get a photo to show you, now that Google's photo putting function is finally working.