Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wanna die, be a Marlboro man!!

Sometimes I think, I smoke too much. I smoke way too much. Except for the days I’ve given up, probably about 10 times since I started, once for almost two weeks, I’ve been smoking at least a packet of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes a day now for about 6 years.

Some days I’ve smoked two. That’s 40 cancer causing, baby killing, brain polluting, oxygen robbing, skin drying, pore cracking, little buggers full of floor cleaning products and rat poisons and car exhaust fumes and 106 other toxic substances that my body really just doesn’t need.

Smoking kills people right. Smoking kills. Repeat after me. Smoking kills and that means dead,
kaput, finished, over, not another breath, astalavista baby, nil, null, void or perhaps heaven or hell, and you know the like...

Smokers are killing themselves very slowly but surely.

It makes sense...

At $9 a packet x 365 days x 6 years, I have paid $19710 to slowly kill myself.

Now isn’t that wonderful.

You can’t smoke in half the bars around here legally anymore, but I still manage to find the ones with a big enough space where you can…

I don’t even think about smoking, when I’m doing it, I just do it???

I could have been dining with some beautiful gall all that time every Saturday night at some very yummy joint round town and picked up the whole bill.

But alas, instead I’ve been making myself feel less good. I’ve slowly been making myself sick, and it’s making myself feel sick just thinking about it…

Tomorrow, I quit!


Have a cranky day…

A few months later.... I still haven't quit. But I have cut down! And now I go jogging everyday!!
And I'm no longer coughing!

I'll keep you posted on my giving up... Still trying.