Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some women are just biatches, sorry, I mean cows!!

This would have to be one of the saddest admissions I will l probably have to make.
(And I do mean cows after the flack I have copped for using the latter word!)
Then again, I’m sure there will be many others. Sometimes, depending on how you look at things, things can make you sad. Or alternatively, you don’t have to look at things or again I believe, the worst alternative you don’t have to feel about them…

I read recently that most people no longer feel about things, or are living in the past, where the things they feel don’t have anything to do with what is happening now, with the person something is inevitably happening with.

People believe that it is tough not to feel, deciding a long time ago that whatever pain they felt way back then, was a weakness. But now that they don’t feel they are stronger. They are an adult and all grown up and stuff. Acting like they believe adults do. I’m not so sure. I have a hunch though that not feeling, stifles creativity, intuition, corrupts integrity and possibly does a whole lot of other adult like atrophies to the human spirit. As people become older they atrophy. This I can see.

I have been dating a string of angry women. It’s right about now that I may ask, is it me. But to be brutally honest with myself, other then the quick occasional glance at other sassy striding women, I can’t see what I do wrong. Oh yeah, heard it all before I hear you say! But just on this occasion, it might just be true.

When you meet someone you like you hook up, so to speak. There is a secret to relationships that I have gained from numerous reliable clinical sources, expert opinion and even pop psychology and human relations books that says something to the effect of,

”Keep it happy and peaceful, and empathetic and loving for as long as humanly possible.”

Or else what you will get is their resentment, crashing against your resentment about something you said that you shouldn’t have early on in the peace and the games, (oh that’s another thing, for a prolonged and happy sexual relationship, play no games, say no names) arise.

The games that corrode the trust that needs to develop. The games that force each other into not feeling because you know they are only trying to get a stick up ya bum and you don’t want to give them the pleasure of that and on and on it goes….

Arrrghh… that’s what it is I hear you say. That’s what I’ve always been doing.

And yes it probably was.

I am struggling to see the light at the end of the relationship tunnel for me. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes”…..etc. Ta Mick.

It’s easy to pick up, don’t worry ‘bout that, it’s not me wizzer that’s suffering here. It’s me desire to have something more substantial. To have some real communion, a real satisfying, honest accepting, driven, mutually satisfying, happy relationship where both of us are self realised and know how to communicate what they want from the relationship.

That brings me to the admission that almost all the women I’ve been out with for many years now couldn’t even remotely stack up to any of this.

Instead of voicing how they feel they choose to get mobile, to get angry, to push around whatever might they can muster…. Woops here it goes… I’m saying no names, playin’ now games and walking right on out the door…. See ya later lady, catch ya on the flip side!!

Hope not.

There a great book called, “Angry Women.” Has that fab porno performance artist in it, Annie Sprinkle. She’s a gall with some chomp. She simulates fellatio simultaneously to 35 different dildos… That’s admirable, I think, perhaps, maybe, actually, I’m not so sure. But hey, she does it! Mmm…

I don’t really want to go on about all those angry women out there, you know who you are, just not what you do.

My advice to you is, keep the peace next time, you might just have a chance at something happy. People like love. We, I believe, we’re made for love.

Being angry doesn’t mean you are powerful, it means you’re neurotic. I mean just think about it. How is anyone gonna want to stay by you with all that unbalanced power tripping ego shite going on? It’s really not that hard, you can do it, I know they yell at you at work, but the home front isn’t work is it, or if it is, it’s not supposed to be, believe me.

“Alls fair in love and war,” well that’s why the words love and war are in the same sentence. With that attitude all ya gonna get is war, ‘cos anything goes but nothing works, it’s all destroying no creating…

Keep it real!

Keep the peace in love!!
A few months later....
After my recent dumping, feeling the pain and confusion of it all, I am now thinking of all the thing about me that would make me angry if I went out with me. Oh yes I am nice, for what it's worth and yes I can be a hurt little bastard, allowing myself the moral high ground of not making the first attack. But how weak really? I mean there is something better then simply being nice and romantic all the time... That would be being tactful, respectable, clever, charming and with substance, admirable and a few other things thrown in...
Da know what I mean?